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The anti-Scientology campaigners distributed around 1,000 leaflets in the area on Friday and awaited local residents and councillors to join their efforts Saturday. I got 100 emails from families all over Ireland who got involved (with the Church) and lost money.

“If they start getting tracks in our community, we will stand up to them.” He said he will lobby to "outlaw" the organisation if they reel people into scams.

She told independent.ie: “It’s really quite terrifying. It’s a public health issue,” she said referencing reports that some followers were duped into using bleach to treat autism in their children. He told independent.ie: “I joined out of curiosity.

One notch above these guys are extroverted virgins who’ve never had sex, but have lots of female friends and have never learned how to get out of friend zone.

To be clear, what constitutes these three levels is strictly my opinion.

I’m sure other dating experts / PUA gurus will have definitions for these three terms that may look different from mine, and that’s fine.

Tom Tuite A judge has asked a leading forensic psychiatrist to attend the next hearing of a 15-year-old Dublin schoolboy accused of a serious knife attack on a woman he allegedly met through a social media...

When talking about dating and relationship techniques, I will sometimes refer to those who are “beginners,” those who are at an “intermediate” level of skill, and those who are “advanced.” I’ve received some questions about this, and about how I’ve never clarified what these terms actually mean.

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