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The German word , which refers to churches shaped by Evangelicalism.The English word evangelical usually refers to evangelical Protestant churches, and therefore not to Protestantism as a whole.

The word ), which refers to churches shaped by ideas of John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli and other Reformed theologians.The edict reversed concessions made to the Lutherans with the approval of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V three years earlier.The term Protestant later acquired a broader sense, referring to a member of any Western church which subscribed to the main Protestant principles.The early churches of the Reformation believed in a critical, yet serious, reading of scripture and holding the Bible as a source of authority higher than that of church tradition.The many abuses that had occurred in the Western Church before the Protestant Reformation led the Reformers to reject much of its tradition, though some would maintain tradition has been maintained and reorganized in the liturgy and in the confessions of the Protestant churches of the Reformation.

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