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tempus ); some of the old authors prefer Matutini Matutinorum , or Matutinae.In any case the primitive signification of the word under these different forms was Aurora , sunrise.

Hence Matutine, Matutinus, Matutinum tempus , or simply Matutinum (i.e.It is doubtless, after having passed through a great many transformations, the ancient Night Office, the Office of the Vigil.In a certain sense it is, perhaps, the Office which was primitively the preparation for the Mass, that is to say, the Mass of the Catechumens, which presents at any rate the same construction as that Office:--the reading from the Old Testament, then the epistles and the Acts, and finally the Gospel--the whole being intermingled with psalmody, and terminated by the Homily (cf.Generally it designated the nightly meetings, synaxes , of the Christians.Under this form, the watch (Vigil) might be said to date back as early as the beginning of Christianity.

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