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Remember: keeping close to your best buddies is an essential for maintaining great health.Few feelings are more exciting than hosting a party and having dozens of people—friends, lovers, casual acquaintances—arrive.And it’s 40-somethings who have had the life and dating experience who appreciated the difference between the two.“While it’s great to sound confident and to even show a little ego while on a date,” White says guys in their 40s have matured beyond youthful bluster and know the value of taking “a second to listen to yourself and observe your own posture and mannerisms.” See here for The Best Dating Apps if You’re Over 40.

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No one cares about the funny one-liner on a dated graphic T.

A guy in his 40s has seen firsthand that learning is not something that’s only done in class—it’s a lifelong essential for success. Read our 5-step guide to mastering the art of speed reading.

A guy in his 40s finds himself in a strange new position: Young people asking him for advice.

Sure, when you get older your testosterone slips, your hangovers sting a little more, and you have to really start listening to your doctor during your yearly check-ups. Putting your youth in the rearview also means you’re wealthier, you let less stuff upset you, and you’re probably in a better place where you can have a lot of fun. Here are more of the things you can only know by reaching your fifth decade.

You know how to treat a woman, you know that “new” doesn’t always mean “better,” and you can take bad news better than any-damn-body.

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