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On 28 March 2011 a group of 11 Guatemalan women filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in Ontario, Canada, against Hudbay Minerals and its subsidiary HMI Nickel Inc.

The women alleged that the companies were complicit in the gang rapes suffered by the women at the hands of security personnel hired by the defendant companies.

The acquittal of Mynor Padilla has raised fears that the victims and their families may be subject to acts of retaliation and violence for their role in pursuing justice...

A Canadian court issued a landmark decision in 2013 allowing the case to proceed against Hudbay in Ontario...

The women claim that the gang rapes occurred in January 2007 during forced evictions of members of the Mayan Q’eqchi’ community living in El Estor.

The companies’ nickel mining project – the Fenix project – is located in El Estor.

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On 22 July 2013 the Superior Court of Ontario ruled that the lawsuits can proceed to trial in Canadian court.

In late June 2015, the Ontario Court of Justice ordered Hudbay Minerals to disclose internal corporate documentation including information regarding its corporate structure and its control over its subsidiary in Guatemala. [includes links to legal documents filed by plaintiffs] - [PDF] Choc v. - Endorsement, [Supreme Court of Justice - Ontario]- [PDF] Caal v Hudbay Minerals Inc. - Statement of Claim, [filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice]- [PDF] Choc v Hudbay Minerals Inc., HMI Nickel Inc. A., [filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice] ...

The plaintiffs are part of El Estor’s Mayan Q’eqchi’ community.

Most of this community has never accepted the legitimacy of the mining concession and land rights granted by the Guatemalan Government for the Fenix project.

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