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The radio show makes no direct money for Alex Jones. It’s interesting to note that GCN itself seems to depend very heavily on advertising revenue from Alex Jones’s show.An advertising rate sheet that the network shared with me indicates that advertising on Infowars specifically is more expensive than advertising generally on GCN; a rate that major national brands — like mortgage broker Guaranteed Rate; Harry’s, the shaving-product company; and online business-card printer Vistaprint — seem happy to pay.From there, he expanded: He established, began making and selling his own conspiracy-oriented documentary films, and then launched Prison, a subscription-only streaming-video service that offered instant access to his films.By 2013, he had built a media empire: web, radio, subscription video, and DVD and T-shirt sales.Alex Jones’s show, however, is syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network, a mostly right-wing radio network that takes a different approach.Instead of charging syndication fees to radio stations, the company only uses what is called the barter model.But that’s a high estimate: The widget is not served on the home page, so 476 million overstates the number of views, and the deal with Revcontent is likely much more stringent.

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When a syndicator representing a major host like Sean Hannity convinces a station to carry his show, the station agrees to pay a certain amount each time it airs the show.At the time, Salon’s Alex Seitz-Wald estimated that Jones was pulling in as much as million a year between subscriptions, web and radio advertising, and sales. In a recent Buzz Feed profile of Jones, Charlie Warzel writes that the launch of Infowars dietary supplements “completely transformed” Infowars into a “media empire,” but this might even be underselling it — if not mischaracterizing the nature of Jones’s business.But sometime later that year, his business model changed completely. If you visit today, there is no “advertise with Infowars” link.An examination of his business seems to indicate that the vast majority of Infowars’ revenue comes from sales of these dietary supplements.Infowars isn’t a media empire — it’s a snake-oil empire. If Alex Jones were a typical high-profile syndicated radio-talk-show host, he could expect to receive two main sources of revenue.

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