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Even if you’re working on repairing your credit, we all know that it takes time, and you simply can’t plan for every financial emergency that pops up.

In the meantime, don’t stress out that you can’t access new credit to pay for those unexpected expenses.

This doesn’t imply whether they’re trustworthy or not, but it does help your credit score if your timely payments are regularly reported.

After all, you may as well take advantage of those on-time payments by increasing your credit score.

This really ramps up the stakes of a bad credit loan, so just be sure to proceed with caution.Also, make sure the lender’s website begins with “https” rather than just “http” — that indicates a safe, secure site where your personal information can’t easily be compromised.Once you’ve established these two items, next look for transparency in fees and loan terms.First, make sure the lender is registered to do business in your state.You can find this out by contacting your state’s financial institution regulatory bureau.

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