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But, alas, times are not good and Maura is losing her furniture and, perhaps, her lease as money has dried up.Therefore, Maura enters into a fake marriage agreement with African immigrant Wilson (Ariyon Bakare).Her nine-year old, Molly, thinks she's going to get a dad.Freddie, a bit of a compulsive, is remarrying Sophie, after divorce and recommitment; she's starved herself into her old wedding dress.

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Sophie's father threatens Freddie with bodily harm if anything goes wrong. Maura (Sally Hawkins) is an Irish single mother to Molly (Sinead Maguire), a bright and energetic twelve year old.Viszont nem régiben körbemotorozta Európát, és többek között Budapesten is tartott előadást a bioenergia-gyógyításról.Csongor 2017-ben is jön majd, sőt, úgy tervezi, hogy jóval több előadást tart, így itt a remek alkalom, hogy magyarul is megjelenhessen a könyv.Dublin: Maura is a single mom, furniture repossessed, being evicted.For a fee, she's marrying Wilson, an African, facing deportation.

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