Accommodating conflict management

While accommodating isn't an appropriate approach in all situations, there are sometimes that it is a good course of action.

As a conflict management strategy, competition is a win-lose approach in which conflict is viewed as a struggle.

It is based on the belief that it really is possible to come up with a solution that will satisfy the concerns and meet the needs of everyone involved.

During attempts to manage conflict using this approach, the focus is on working honestly and openly with the other person to come up with a solution that meets the underlying concerns of all parties.

Afzalur Rahim points out that "intergroup conflict is inevitable in complex organizations." Further, as the University of Oregon's Holden Leadership Center points out, "conflict is inevitable in any interpersonal relationship." What determines whether or not conflict will have a negative or positive result lies with how it is managed.

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Avoidance may manifest as withdrawing or backing down when confronted, changing the subject or sidestepping the issue, pretending like something isn't bothering you or that there isn't really a problem, putting off dealing with things, or physically removing yourself from the situation by walking away or maybe even quitting your job.The online version of the instrument costs per person, or you can order paper versions for between and per employee, depending on the quantity ordered.When structure is a cause of dysfunctional conflict, structural change can be the solution to resolving the conflict. Vanessa, the lead engineer in charge of new product development, has submitted her components list to Tom, the procurement officer, for purchasing.It assumes that the only way that you can get your goals is to 'win' while the other person (or people) involved must lose.When you use this approach, the focus is on pursuing your goals at the expense of others.

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